Erectile Dysfunction / Impotence

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Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is a very common sexual dysfunction among most men, especially those of older age. In simple terms, it is the condition in which it is difficult or impossible for a man to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for vaginal penetration during sexual intercourse.

Episodes of erectile dysfunction become more common with age, so the problem is more prevalent in older men, but it has not been associated as a symptom of aging, as many men in advanced age continue to perform well.

Impotence occurs when it is repeatedly and regularly difficult for a man to have a sustained and rigid erection during sex, regardless of age. If the condition is left untreated, it can make sexual intercourse virtually impossible for the man.

man with erectile dysfunctionIt’s considered that a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction if he regularly has difficulty maintaining a stable erection, sufficient to penetrate the vagina or to be able to complete other non-penetrative sexual activities.

Most men have had problems keeping their penis hard in one situation or another. This does not mean that erectile dysfunction is present in these cases. These occurrences are only a cause for concern if there is regular unsatisfactory sexual performance for at least three months.

It is not a problem if an erection cannot be achieved or maintained from time to time, as it can happen due to various factors such as stress or fatigue, but if the erection is not achieved more than half the time for three months or more, then it is a sign of erectile dysfunction needing to be treated.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a cause of serious concern for the man and his partner and can be a temporary condition due to unrelated problems that the man may be experiencing, and that usually goes away without treatment, or it can mean that a long-term problem is present that needs to be treated.

It is not only the erection of most men that is affected by erectile dysfunction, but also the sex drive and the ability to achieve orgasm, even when an erection is achieved.

As noted above, it is not a problem if an erection cannot be achieved or maintained from time to time. However, if it is an ongoing problem, it is cause of stress for the couple, affects the man's self-confidence in a very negative way, and can lead to relationship problems, or even relationship breakdown.

Erectile dysfunction can also be a warning of other health problems that need to be treated. In the end, it can represent a risk factor for the possible development of heart disease.

If you have concerns about erectile dysfunction, consult a medical specialist. Sometimes, proper treatment of an existing medical condition is enough to stop erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, both natural remedies for erectile dysfunction and prescription drugs can be the easiest solution to treat erectile dysfunction as soon as the first erection problems begin to appear.

Facts about erectile dysfunction:

Reasons that usually cause erectile dysfunction.

There are several reasons that explain erectile dysfunction, some of them related to physical causes and others attributed to psychological problems.

Reasons that cause erectile dysfunctionIn cases related to physical causes (other than injuries or after surgery), erectile dysfunction usually happens slowly, gradually. Because of this, you may sometimes experience irregular or partial erectile dysfunction that, when left untreated, gets worse over time.

In case the erectile dysfunction has a physical cause not related to hormonal problems, you will probably still have a normal sex drive, but you will have difficulty in achieving an erection.

Although erectile dysfunction develops more quickly when the cause is psychological problems, it can also be treated and resolved more quickly, by treating your mental state, i.e. if your anxiety, stress or depression drops, the impotence can disappear without treatment.

However, most men experience even more severe anxiety or depression when erectile dysfunction develops.

This is usually caused by a mental reaction to the problem, which makes things worse, leading to both, anxiety and psychological erectile dysfunction aggravated.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction.

It is advisable to contact a doctor if erection problems begin to occur, because the reason may be serious medical problems that must be addressed. Early treatment can solve both medical and sexual problems.

On the other hand, several things need to come together properly in order to achieve an erection.

When a man becomes aroused, nerves in the brain are triggered and become more sensitive, which causes signals to run down the spine to the penis. There, if the muscles are relaxed and blood flows easily to the veins, an erect penis, ready for intercourse, results.

However, if you don't experience this, the reason may be a disease or a purely medical condition that is preventing normal functioning or communication with the brain.

The most typical reasons for erectile dysfunction are injuries, lifestyle or other physical problems (such as high cholesterol) that hinder blood circulation. In addition, severe neurological conditions can increase your chances of becoming impotent, due to hindering the circulation of neurotransmitters.

Nervous conditions affect the brain's ability to communicate with the reproductive part, which can also prevent a man from getting an erection. Conditions that affect the heart and its ability to pump blood can also cause impotence, considering the fact that without sufficient blood flow to the penis, an erection is not possible.

Male sexual stimulation is a complicated procedure, involving the mind, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. A problem with any of these components can result in erectile dysfunction, both psychological and physical.

Erectile dysfunction can affect men of any age and at any time in life, and unfortunately the likelihood increases with age. As you get older, erections take longer to develop and may not be as hard. You may need more direct contact with the penis to get and maintain an erection.

Psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction.

Psychological reasons for erectile dysfunctionIn most cases, if a man suddenly starts suffering from problems in getting an erection, or has never been able to get an adequate erection, the most likely reason is psychological erectile dysfunction.

However, if the problem arises without any anatomical deformity or psychological reasons, it may be due to severe anxiety, guilt, premature ejaculation problems, fear of intimacy, or depression. It is usually also considered psychological erectile dysfunction.

However, most cases of psychological erectile dysfunction are classified as secondary. That is, when erectile function was normal, but suddenly becomes a real cause for concern.

The mind plays an important role in the series of physical events that lead to an erection, starting with the sensation of sexual arousal. Various problems can prevent sexual arousal, which then causes or aggravates erectile dysfunction.

Despite the fact that stress and psychological problems can aggravate or cause erectile dysfunction, sometimes it is a mixture of physical and psychological problems that cause it.

For example, a minor physical problem, that delays sexual response, may lead to an increased effort to obtain or maintain an erection, and the resulting nervousness can cause or worsen erectile dysfunction.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction begins with addressing the root of the problem, whether it is psychological or physical. Most often, your doctor will recommend lifestyle changes.

For example, he may recommend that you lose some weight to reduce your risk of heart disease, or lower your cholesterol, to improve blood circulation. This will help you improve your overall health.

Treatment for erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction has been successfully treated in recent years with a number of medications. For example, Sildenafil, popularly known as Viagra, can be used successfully to treat the condition in over 70% of cases, but unfortunately it is very expensive and can cause strong side effects when taken regularly.

It also forces you to plan your sexual intercourse so that you can take the drug an hour before, which is not very pleasant.

Another successful treatment for this condition, although it is now in disuse, is the vacuum pump; this device ensures that there is a greater and faster flow of blood to the penis, thus causing an erection.

But, on balance, in recent years there has been a marked improvement in the quality of natural treatments for erectile dysfunction, which has helped a good number of men to be sexually active inexpensively, without side effects, and without having the need to schedule their relationships.

A brief summary of the available natural treatment options is presented below. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages; but the use of natural products to treat erectile dysfunction guarantees a high success rate.

Although these solutions do not represent any risk for people diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, it is still advisable to check with your doctor about possible complications arising, if there are other therapies or existing conditions.

Natural treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can be naturally treated successfully in most men. In fact, there have never been as many natural treatment options as there are now. Most men regain their ability to have normal intercourse with the help of various natural treatment options.

Since time immemorial, men have made a constant effort to increase or improve their performance and masculinity through natural solutions.

Natural treatments for erectile dysfunctionThere is no culture that has not invented a cure for erectile dysfunction. Some of these cures range from preparing soups with shark fins, to bulls testicles.

In Africa, China, and other Eastern cultures, herbs in conjunction with other natural ingredients have long used to treat successfully erectile dysfunction.

However, while prescription drugs to treat erectile dysfunction have been studied and are regulated, herbs and supplements, on the other hand, have not been studied or tested, so caution is needed with what you choose.

There are harmful effects associated with the use of some of them, because they may interact with some medications. Also, the amount of active ingredients differs significantly from one product to another.

In your search for a natural remedy to treat erectile dysfunction, you find a long list of confusing results on the internet, and each product claims to be the best.

There are many over-the-counter products, that claim to be herbal erectile dysfunction treatments, but they contain unsafe amounts of active ingredients like those found in prescription drugs; these products can have harmful side effects.

Although many governments have banned most dangerous products, there are still many of these harmful erectile dysfunction cures on the market.

The fact that a product claims to be safe is not clear that it is. Many herbal solutions can cause adverse effects and interact in harmful ways when taken with each other, or with certain medications.

While some herbs have been considered ineffective for treating erectile dysfunction, additional clinical studies have proven that some herbs can help men suffering from impotence when combined effectively.

These herbs have been used for many decades in Asia as traditional medicines to treat impotence and male infertility. In addition, clinical research conducted by academic universities and hospitals in Europe has shown the benefits of the herbs.

These studies have shown that the treatment of erectile dysfunction caused by an imbalance in the level of sex hormones in the body, or low testosterone, can be effectively treated with the use of herbs. The active ingredients contained in the herbs are a precursor to the natural hormones, so the enzymes in the body convert them into the final form.

Other research has also suggested that there is a group of herbs that work by increasing dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and testosterone. DHEA occurs naturally in the body, and is crucial for a strong sex drive.

These studies have shown that the herbs are effective in treating erectile dysfunction and also improving sexual performance only if taken regularly, but do not take these herbs on their own if you cannot and do not know how to control the dosage.

Always opt for supplements with the right dosage of each to treat erectile dysfunction efficiently and get the best results without side effects. Try what we recommend below. Efficient, cheap and free of side effects!

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