Vanessa Pinto

Vanessa Pinto

Vanessa Pinto


Nutritional Sciences

Nutrition education and obesity control





Country of Residence



Lisbon Faculty of Medicine


Portuguese Red Cross

Area of expertise

Advice and dietary counseling to combat obesity.

What is a nutritionist?

Some nutritionists provide personalized information for specific individuals. Others work with groups of people who have similar needs, for example, they want to lose weight, want to reduce cholesterol levels, or blood sugar levels.

Nutritionists can either specialize in the well-being of people on a general level, helping them to maintain a healthy diet to keep a physically fit body and avoid illness, or they can specialize in people who are already ill and may benefit greatly from a certain type of special diet to combat the illness they are suffering from.

For example, a dietitian or nutritionist can teach a patient with high blood pressure to use less salt when preparing meals. Or they could, for example, plan a diet of healthy foods, reducing processed foods and foods that are too high in sugar or saturated fats to help overweight people lose weight.

Nutritionists may work in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, large food chains, restaurants, gyms and so on. They often work as consultants, providing advice to individual clients, or they work for the group of people who come to the place where they work.

Some nutritionists are independent and work from their own consulting office, giving personal consultations or virtual consultations from their websites or social networks.

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