How to Increase Penis Size

There are several methods that can be used to enlarge the penis. Some are effective, but most of the methods that you'll find on the internet don't work (they can even be dangerous) and others, while they may work, are so complicated and time consuming that few men have the patience to follow them until they get results.

But before we get into the penis enlargement methods that work, and that don't, let's start at the beginning, so that you have as much information about penis enlargement as possible, so that you can make an informed decision and don't give up on enlarging your penis, if that's your dream, just because you don't see results within the first few weeks.

Why do you want to enlarge your penis?

How to Increase Penis SizeDo you want to know how to increase your penis size because you really have a small penis or because you want to have a big penis to improve your self-confidence and help you approach any woman, knowing that you can satisfy her no matter what partners she may have had?

Know that most men are looking to know how to enlarge their penis not because their penis is small, but to increase their confidence in front of any woman.

Also know that achieving penis growth will give you the same satisfaction, no matter what size you are now.

Whether you have a small penis or you are considered to be within the normal size, the satisfaction of increasing your size a few inches more, in both length and thickness, will give you the same satisfaction and increase your sexual performance in the same way. So forget what others say, and if you really want to enlarge your penis, use our advice to do it, because I can guarantee you it will be worth the effort.

What is the "normal" size of an erect penis?

According to studies from several universities around the world, the size of the penis considered normal differs a lot, in terms of both countries and races, but the value that gathers most consensus in Europe and the Americas is around 16 centimeters.

However, this does not mean that men who are below this average have a small penis. What is considered small, a micro-penis, is a value of less than 10 centimeters. But of course those who are under 16 centimeters will benefit most from penis enlargement.

In the same way, a penis is only considered large when it is over 18 centimeters, which doesn't stop many men from still wanting to enlarge it a little more. The good news is that the bigger it is, the easier it is to increase.

However, the normal size of a penis is relative, and is in the mind of each man. If a man thinks his penis size is small for his purposes, he is small. Period. The benefits he will get, especially on a psychological level, are the same as a man who has really a small penis.

It's a very personal thing. Making the penis a little bigger can dramatically increase a man's self-esteem and sexual performance, no matter what size he is.

What do women think about penis size?

What do women think about penis size?.

It depends very much on each woman, but they all like to see a powerful member when a man strips naked in front of them. Even if this effect is only psychological.

Seeing a large penis works as an aphrodisiac, leaving many women humid and desirous of interacting with a man. In the same way that seeing a small thing hanging there can chill any relationship, no matter how good lover the man is.

Penis size has more of a psychological effect than a realistic one, for both the man and the woman.

These days women are more sexually uninhibited and already sincerely admit that they like to see men with large penises. However, if you ask her directly, she will probably say that it doesn't matter, especially if your size has not been very big, in order to not offend you.

What methods can been used to increase penis size?

These are the most widely used methods of penis enlargement that work. All of these methods in theory are effective for penis enlargement, although in practice there are major differences between each of them. We will go into each of them in more detail below. Everything else that that is presented to you can be discarded. Either they don't work or they are not worth the effort.

Penis Enlargement Exercises.

Penis Enlargement ExercisesThey are the most popular method for penis enlargement, not because they are the most efficient but for two simple reasons: they are free or very cheap, and any "expert" thinks he is an expert on the subject and tries to sell you a manual of exercises, which according to him, will enlarge your penis in a short time.

It's not that the exercises can't enlarge the penis when they are performed correctly for the required time. The problem is that they are complicated to do and take a long time to show results.

A set of penis enlargement exercises always takes more than half an hour to perform and they have to be done for at least 5 days a week. Otherwise they won't work.

Can you imagine doing 30 to 40 minutes of exercises every day for more than six months, to get your penis enlarged?

Not me, personally! But there are men who do and get good results, however existing studies indicate that less than 10% of men who choose this natural method of penis enlargement succeed. We estimate that more than 90% give up within the first 60 days without getting any results.

Penis enlargement supplements.

Supplements are the easiest way to enlarge the penis. Although it is also a time-consuming method, it is the simplest to do, because no matter how long the treatment takes, taking two pills a day is simple and practical.

However, it is important to know how penis enlargement supplements work in order to avoid being taken in by the fraudulent offers that abound on the Internet, and that promise impossible results. Not to mention the counterfeit products that exist.

The truth is that most penis enlargement supplements do not work, much less deliver on the outrageous promises that some make.

Some sales pages tell you exactly what you want to hear, and of course, after they take your money, they don't deliver on anything they promised.

But the most dangerous are the fakes that are indistinguishable from the originals and can not only affect your wallet but also your health.

Penis enlargement supplementsBe aware that there is no way to increase penis size quickly, in half a dozen weeks, except by surgery. So don't let yourself be fooled.

However, since the supplements work by the strength of the erections, the blood that flows into the penis with the ingredients that allow the spongy fields of the penis to dilate, you can boost their effect by provoking a few extra erections, masturbating, caressing yourself or having more sex.

You don't have to ejaculate. Just provoke an erection and try to keep it for as long as possible so that the blood and ingredients of the supplement work.

There is no reliable abandonment rate for those who choose an effective penis enlargement supplement, but it is estimated to be very low, and when it happens, it is due to lack of money or being fooled by supplements that don't work.

Penile extenders.

Penile extenders are the equivalent of an automatic exercise machine, because they work on the same principle. But, like exercises, they take a long time to show results.

Although they are easier to use, because all you have to do is put it in place and leave it in for about 4 to 6 hours, even during the day, under a large garment, they also take 6 or more months to show results.

It is a simple method to use, but many men don't like it, or don't feel comfortable carrying a "thing" hanging from their member for so long, and eventually give up.

There are various imitations of extenders. Kind of bizarre devices that aim to stretch the penis, but none are effective. So if this is your option choose a genuine extender and not a cheap imitation.

We estimate that about 40% of users who opt to choose a penis extender give up before they get results.

Weights attached to the head of the penis.

The first reports that exist about this primitive method of penis enlargement come from the Arab people many thousands of years ago, but currently this technique is only used in some African and South American tribes.

Besides the fact that it doesn't work well with clothes and that the man has to standing for several hours in order to perform, it is uncomfortable and dangerous. Therefore completely inadvisable, especially since the penis extender does the same job in a much more efficient and safer way.

Pumps for penis enlargement.

Pumps work as follows: the blood is pumped into the penis, so that its force expands the spongy tissues of the penis. Since blood has a tendency to run away, you need to keep pumping blood for as long as you want the erection to last.

The problem with pumps is that, unlike supplements, they do not contain any ingredients (herbs and other extracts) to encourage dilation, and the line between an erection strong enough to dilate the cavernous fields of the penis and one that is too forced, and therefore dangerous, is very thin.

Many men do not have the patience to use a pump effectively, because the work is identical to exercises, and then try to increase the results by using them very aggressively.

This ends up with small lesions all over the penis, from the small delicate blood vessels that supply the penis rupturing, or more extensive and dangerous bleeding.

Either way this forces you to stop the treatment, sometimes for several weeks, and then you're always in a stop-and-go that doesn't offer any results and you give up for good.

Herbs for penis enlargement.

Herbs for penis enlargementHerbs for penis enlargement are effective. Herbs and other plant extracts known for their properties to increase penis size and men's performance in bed work well, but are very complicated to handle.

Although there are many men who combine various herbs into teas and take them efficiently, especially in oriental countries, for those who do not know well the effects of each herb and its potential side effects, it is risky to use them.

If the doses are too low, they do not allow penis enlargement. If they are too strong, they can cause unpleasant side effects.

One must not forget that some of these plant extracts when ingested in high doses are poisonous. Since the appearance of supplements, which are made from the same herbs, in concentrated but safe doses, in western countries the use of individual herbs has practically ceased.

Penis Enlargement Surgery.

Surgery is only recommended for those who have a really very small penis. The micro-penis. This method effect is very small (about 3 centimeters) and very expensive for most wallets.

Besides, any surgical procedure carries several risks, that in this case, with so many natural alternatives, are not justified.

How can you effectively increase penis size?

Although all the methods presented above work, some in a more efficient way than others, the truth is that if we combine some methods or complement one method with another, their effect will be stronger and faster.

What is the simplest way to enlarge the penis?

The simplest way to enlarge the penis is to use a good supplement while provoking maximum erections, to encourage blood to enter the penis along with the ingredients of the supplement to more efficiently dilate the alveoli that hold the blood in the penis.

Considering that the penis contains millions of alveoli, a very small increase in each of them can give a significant increase in penis size, both in length and thickness.

You just have to be aware of the supplements that don't work, so you don't waste time and money, and especially the counterfeit ones. But, you can avoid both if you opt for the one we recommend further down at the bottom of this page.

What is the most efficient way to increase penis size?

the most efficient way to increase penis sizeThe most efficient way to enlarge the penis is to combine a good supplement with a penis extender.

Taking two pills every day and using a penis extender for at least 4 hours a day, and in the intervals massaging the penis until you get a good erection to increase the effect of the plant extracts in the supplement, is the most efficient and fastest way to enlarge the penis.

For those who have little money the extender can be replaced by exercises or massages that cause a good erection.


Now that you know how to enlarge your penis in an easy and safe way, using one or more of the methods described here, will you have the courage to fulfill your dream of enlarging your penis a little more, in order to gain more confidence in bed, either with your current partner or with any other woman you may seduce?

Or will you think better of it and delay until a day (which will never come) to fulfill a desire that can change your life completely?

Copy the code at the bottom and start taking the first step towards your happiness right now, because if you delay until "one day"... that day will never come.

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