How to Increase Penis Size with Natural Remedies

Pedro Pinto   Author: specialist in male sexual problems.

Penis size is a sensitive subject for many men and women, but contrary to what men think, penis enlargement is much more important for men than for women, unless they are very small.

Enlarging the penis, both in length and girth can increase the woman's pleasure because it can better "touch" the erogenous parts of the vagina, but also the man's pleasure because he feels the friction better.

But the biggest benefits are psychological. For a man who has an average penis size, enlarging it by a few centimeters, and especially increasing its thickness, has strong psychological effects on both partners: on the woman by the anticipation of seeing a powerful member and on the man because it gives him more confidence.

best herbs to increase penis sizeSince for men confidence is one of the most important attributes for their performance in bed, penis enlargement may be all that he needs to have the confidence to become the partner that all women like.

When we talk about penis enlargement with natural remedies we are talking about using plant extracts from herbs, roots and trees and some foods that have aphrodisiac and vasodilating properties. The requirements for increasing the blood circulation in the penile area and thus the size of the penis.

This term is also frequently used for supplements that are made with natural products, concentrated extracts of some herbs and plants, amino acids and vitamins.

In fact, there is no such thing as a synthetic penis enlargement pill, because the famous blue pill and its competitors are designed to increase erections, not penis size. Besides they cannot be taken daily because of the potential side effects.

Surgery is the only non-natural method that works for penis enlargement, but, due to its costs, and especially the associated risks, it is one of the processes I do not recommend, unless it is to correct some biological defect.

The best herbs to increase penis size.

The only problem with these penis enlargement herbs is that when taken as natural remedies they must be consumed in the form of tea and one must take two large glasses per day consisting of a mixture of all of them, but made separately, because if you use only one their effect is greatly reduced.

However, apart from having to make tea from each of them every day it is difficult to determine the quantity of each one in order to be efficient without causing unpleasant effects.

That is why I recommend that, although it is more expensive, you should opt for a product made in the form of pills gummies or capsules in order to take the exact dose of each element without having the risk of suffering unpleasant side effects. In the button below we recommend one of the best.

But, besides the plant extracts, like the ones we mentioned above, there are amino acids, vitamins (especially the B-complex ones) and minerals that can enhance the effect of these herbs and provide a bigger and faster increase.

These ingredients are usually present in penis enlargement supplements. However, if you want to take them individually, here are the best ones:

Vitamins and minerals that help penis enlargement.

The simplest and most efficient solution for penis enlargement.

most efficient solution for penis enlargement

The plant extracts, vitamins and minerals presented above are the best for men who want to enlarge their penis efficiently and permanently.

They are the best natural penis enlargement remedies, whether you choose to consume them individually through teas (herbs) and food (vitamins and minerals) or choose a supplement consisting of these and/or other herbs and extracts that are suitable for penis enlargement.

My recommendation is to choose the product I present in the link below, because besides being the simplest way to guarantee the right ingredients, it is also the safest, because some of these plant extracts when ingested in high doses can cause unpleasant side effects.

But, if you choose to take each herb individually, start with low concentrations, and go up slowly to test your body's capacity to tolerate each one of the combinations you make.

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