How to Increases Penis Size - 10 Most Used Methods

If you are like most men it is likely that some questions related to the size of your penis have already crossed your mind, such as the following, "Is it possible to increase penis size?" Or "How do I enlarge my penis?" Or even "What are the best methods for penis enlargement?"

The fact that men research about the possibility of penis enlargement does not mean that they have a small penis. But beyond the doubt that remains in every man's mind about whether his penis is big enough to satisfy his partner sexually, even men who know they are within what is considered "normal" would mostly like to be able to enlarge their penis using a method that is simple and efficient.

All men want to have a large penis, as it gives them confidence and makes them feel superior when compared to others less accomplished. Having a large penis impresses any woman and makes other men jealous!

The truth is that there are many methods for penis enlargement, although to tell you the truth, most of them are not very effective or are too complicated for most men's patience. So let's take a look at the most commonly used methods to increase penis size:

1) - Exercises to enlarge the penis.

Exercises to enlarge the penisThis is the oldest method of all, because there are records that already in the medieval times men used exercises to increase the size of their penis. It’s estimated that the Arabs have invented them, but there are references almost all over the world, mainly in Europe.

The exercises are one of the methods for penis enlargement that work when they are well executed and a specific system is followed for about 6 months, taking between 60 to 90 minutes a day and should be done in groups of 4 days in a row with 2 rest days, so that the tissues recover from the effort. This is my personal recommendation, although each "expert" in the matter has his specific technique.

The truth is that the exercises increase the penis precisely on the resting days, because it is when the "damage" caused by the exercises is recovered that the increase happens.

However I do not recommend the use of this method for penis enlargement, unless as a complement or incorporated into a system that encompasses other methods together, because the success rate of those who use only the exercises for penis enlargement is less than 10%.

It's not that they don't work when they are performed well but the truth is that more than 90% of men give up within the first 60 days because it takes a lot of patience to do more than an hour of exercises daily and not see any results that encourage you to continue.

This is a very slow method, like all penis enlargement methods, and you usually only start seeing results after 3 months or more, and it takes 6-8 months to get an enlargement that is worthy of the name.

Do you have the patience to use this method for as long as it takes, regularly and not just on the days you choose? Well... I certainly don't - like the other 90% of men who give up.

2) - Hanging weights on the penis to increase penis size.

Hanging weights on the penis to increase penis sizeThe habit of hanging objects from the penis in order to increase penis size is also one of the oldest methods of all, but unlike the previous method, which was more commonly used in Europe and Arab countries, weights were normally used in Africa and South America.

But despite the myth that still persists today, that it is possible to enlarge the penis by hanging weights on it, the truth is that it doesn't work and can even be quite dangerous.

Although theoretically stretching the penis for long periods can lead to penis enlargement, in practice it doesn't work because you would need to use the weights for at least 6 hours a day to get results.

Unlike the African tribes who hung weights on their penises under their thongs and walked around like that for most of the day, because it was seen as a natural thing by the community, nowadays, especially here in Europe, this is impossible.

Another reason why I don't recommend using this method of penis enlargement is that the tightening of the strap that holds the weights decreases the blood supply to the head of the penis significantly, leading to erection problems and, in the most serious cases, to amputation.

Don't hang anything on your penis because it doesn't work and can even severely damage it. Especially when there are much simpler and more efficient methods of penis enlargement, like the one I show you below.

3) - The penis extender.

penis extenderThe penis extender is like a machine that mixes exercises with weights, because the effects achieved by this method are the same as theoretically would be obtained by the previous two, but in a much simpler, more effective and, most importantly, safer way.

It is the advancement of science that compared to the other ancient methods, which were used because there were no efficient and safe alternatives for penis enlargement at that time.

So if you are looking for how to enlarge your penis this is one way that you can use efficiently and safely.

It is a little uncomfortable at first. But it works in a much better way than the previous ones, especially since you only need to apply it for about 6 hours straight, or 4 alternating hours, with two hours between. And, it has the advantage that it can be used during the day, in most situations, under some baggy pants, without you noticing anything, and it can also be used at night.

However, it is a very slow method, which takes three or more months to show results, and probably more than 6 months to show permanent results. For this reason many men also don't have the patience to walk around with something hanging from their intimate parts and end up giving up before they get results.

Although the abandonment out rate is much lower than with exercises, it is still high.

4) - Pumps for penis enlargement.

Pumps for penis enlargementThese instruments have not been developed with the purpose of penis enlargement, and should not be used for that purpose, but even so, there are those who use them to inject maximum blood into the penis with the intention of causing the cells of the cavernous fields of the penis to dilate and increase.

Theoretically penis enlargement by this technique is possible, but for that you need to do it on a certain basis, as I mentioned for the exercises, 4 days in a row and 2 days of rest. But, to get results you need to maintain the erection for a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour.

This presents two problems: the first is that it is difficult to maintain an erection for that long, even pumping blood continuously, and the second is that it is dangerous, very dangerous, to maintain that pressure for that long.

It is very common in those who use penis pumps to enlarge the penis that small-scattered hemorrhages appear throughout the penis, which are due to the bursting of thinner and more fragile blood vessels and, for those who abuse the pressure, more intense and potentially dangerous hemorrhages.

When this occurs, it is necessary to stop the treatment, sometimes for several weeks, which invalidates any treatment because if this happens frequently you are always starting again.

The line separating effective enlargement from potential harmful effects, such as the advertised hemorrhages and possible distortion of the penis (it becoming crooked to one side) is very thin, so I do not recommend the use of pumps for penis enlargement, especially since they were not created for this purpose.

5) - Enlarging the penis with the help of food.

Several foods have the ability to increase or encourage blood circulation in the penile area. Although their effect is too weak to cause enlargement by itself, as they are more used to help men with problems getting firm erections for intercourse, if you add these foods to your diet it can help keep your penis healthier and help any other method you are using to have a more relevant and faster effect.

Having a healthy and varied diet is always a good help in penis enlargement, and if you add the following foods even better. The best ones are:

Watermelon, Ginger, Flaxseeds, Salmon, Oysters, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Walnuts, Blackberries, Cherries, Garlic, Onion.

If you really want to enlarge your penis, taking care of your health and your heart first is essential, so I advise you to consume some of these foods regularly.

6) - Increasing the penis with the help of herbs.

Herbs, the plant extracts made from leaves, roots and vegetable peels, are a more efficient method of penis enlargement than food. There are several herbs that have the ability to increase blood circulation and encourage erections, especially when taken together.

Although in my opinion men who want to know how to enlarge their penis with herbs should use them in the form of supplements, purchased as pills or tablets, already composed of several herbs in the most adequate proportions to be efficient without causing negative side effects, here are the most famous ones in case you want to try taking them individually:

a) - Panax Korean Ginseng.

Panax Korean GinsengPanax ginseng has a history of over 2,000 years in Eastern medicine as a tonic for sexual health and longevity. People take the roots of this ginseng, also called Korean red ginseng, to increase erections when they have problems in bed and to increase penis size.

Ginseng works as an antioxidant, releasing nitric oxide, which helps dilate the veins in the penis and is therefore one of the best known and most widely used penis enlargement herbs in the world.

b) - Ginkgo Biloba.

This herb started out being taken as a stimulant to improve memory and concentration, but several studies have shown that it also has a significant effect on increasing blood circulation, so it has also come to be widely used to increase erections and natural enlarge the penis.

c) - Mondia Whitei.

Mondia Whitei are roots of an African plant, known as white ginger, it is particularly popular in Uganda, where medicinal plants are more common than medicines. It is used to increase libido and help promote stronger erections.

Some studies compare the roots of this herb to the famous blue pills, in that it increases sexual desire, testosterone levels, promotes the production of better erections, their potency, and increases the time they last.

Besides being an excellent aphrodisiac, it also has a very low toxicity, so strong side effects are rare, even when consumed in quantity.

d) - Maca.

Maca, which comes from the high hills in Peru, is also a general stimulant, with several sexual and general health benefits, and although it is the weakest of all for penile enlargement, it is also widely used, both ground up and taken with milk to cut its flavor, and in sexual supplements.

You can use these plant extracts to enlarge your penis. Both, individually and in combination with each other (but you should not mix the A with the C) in tea form, but since herbs are difficult to dose and, when taken in high doses, can cause unpleasant side effects, I once again advise you to use a product already composed with the ideal doses of various extracts. Although more expensive, it is simpler and safer. Try what I recommend in the code at the bottom of this page.

7) - Natural supplements.

This is the simplest and most efficient method of penis enlargement. Although many people say otherwise, the truth is that good supplements are the easiest way to enlarge the penis.

They do not perform miracles as many sales pages promise, absurd increases in a few weeks, and which lead to customer’s later feeling deceived (because an expectation was created that is not real) and then saying that they all do not work.

supplements are the easiest way to enlarge the penisSupplements, like all other penis enlargement methods, take a few months to provide effective and permanent enlargement, but they have the advantage of being the fastest to show the first results, so they help raise hope and keep many men from giving up.

They are also the easiest method - just take two pills a day, encourage a few extra erections to increase their effect, and the first results start to show in a short time.

Another of their advantages is that they not only help to increase the penis, but they also help to have more and better erections and to last longer in bed - everything that a man wants.

However, they also have their problems. The first is that most penis enlargement pills for sale on the Internet offer little or no results. However, the most dangerous are the fake supplements made in Asia, which are the same in shape, color and packaging as the originals, but can be very dangerous because you don't know what their real composition is.

In the link at the bottom I recommend one that is safe and you can take without worries, but if you choose to order one of the "wonders" that abound out there and that promise you exactly what you want to hear be very careful with what you are going to ingest.

It is the simplest and most effective method, but at the same time, it can also be the most dangerous. It all depends on your choice.

Other solutions that can help increase penis size.

Besides the 7 methods to enlarge the penis that I presented above, there are some more natural solutions that can help you improve the health of your reproductive system and give a little help to increase its size or, at least, help the treatment you are using.

8) - Exercise often.

One of the ways to increase blood circulation, keep your heart pumping properly, and unclog your blood vessels is to stay active.

By exercising, it doesn't mean you have to go to the gym or play any specific sport.

How to Increases Penis SizeAdapt your daily life to walk more - if you don't have time to walk, walk part of the way to work, or walk to the café instead of driving or taking the bus (in which case you should leave a station or two before your destination and walk the rest).

Forget the elevator and take the stairs up and down. Play with your children or other children. In short... take advantage of everything you do in your sedentary day-to-day life to do in a more active way.

9) - Quit smoking.

Stop smoking, or at least considerably reduce the amount of cigarettes you consume daily. Tobacco causes the arteries to atrophy, which reduces the amount of blood flowing into the penis and with it its capacity for increasing.

10) - Have more sex.

Did you know that sex is addictive? It is itself an aphrodisiac. The more often you do it, the more often you will want to do it. Besides erections being essential to increase penis size, especially if you are taking a supplement, sexual activity stimulates the organ in all senses, leading it to be healthier, stronger and bigger.

Of course, by itself, it won't make your penis grow significantly, but it can be a good help to any treatment you are taking. And, since it's free and delicious, there are no contraindications to be aware of.

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